Things We Do

We excel at initial story and design brainstorms...
We are the designers and we may collab with you or just do our thing for you.
Its a fine art thing first.
Drawings and "Dreamings", on to execution and through to showtime..... C.I.T.

Where We Work and How We May Play:
Rock Shows
Film - Video Art Direction
Theatrical Stage Productions
Giant Static and Moving Sculptures
Fine Art Gallery Installs
Science Emporiums
Special Event Decor
Personal Commissions
Home-Playroom Transformations
Restaurant-Club-Bar Build Outs
Educational Workshops
Community Art
Epic Murals
ECO Events

What We Do and How We Work:
Full story and Art design collab to full live show production.
Production Design and execution for live shoots.
Giant static and participatory art installations.
Big sculptural pieces and stage settings .
Full stage set design, props and costumes.
Make it up, plug in C.I.T. ...and invite "the thunder"...

Workshops with exploration of "Art as life" for adults and kids over 13.
Study and participatory social engagement through group art and theater.
Waking of ones curiosity and innate potential to connect through Art.
Full day intensive art-making for Groups, Summercamps.
Art naturally teaches intuitive learning through making.
Its progressive, Waldorfy and Montessori-like.
It instills confidence and abstract thinking.

We put on a participatory comedic "Build Show" as your fundraiser.
A wild event that involves audience participation in a controlled experiment.
Its a money will be raised by the door/bar/auction... we dream it.

Come to us for the making of things...
We are an epic Art/design and execution team...
We are collaborators and vaudevillians...