Sponsor Us

We are always looking for sponsorship and ideas to fund our collective.
Please Get to us on our contact page!

Our Current Sponsors:
CIT - The Art Collective Faculty
Superadvanced Propulsion Systems www.superadvanced.com
Green Barrel Wine http://greenbarrelwine.com/

Thank you to all  and any of your  help.  We love your sponsorship.

Approach us with an idea or let us decide.

YOUR FUNDS GO TO THE LAUNCH of the CIT Space Division.
To launch CIT to the larger public and continue across the globe.
We want to share what we think is a unique take on the evolution of ART.

We are dreaming an ongoing documentary!!!
To raise money for our collective and its efforts.

The Film is an ongoing documentary focusing on the CIT collective.

What $3000 gets us
-The CIT Doc
-Editing time
-Camera rental
-camera person
-Our studio rent
-Web prescence upgrades
-Faculty Stipends

If we exceed $3000 the money goes to:
-Expand the film and the faculty collective
-Rental of space for builds
-Educational outreach

Each tier gets what's below them

$10-20 CIT Spark Pluggers - CIT VIP status with official hugs and handshakes
$21-50 CIT Power Technician - VIP, hugs and Handshakes, Add tile to Shuttle
$51-100 CIT Launch Quotient Upgrader - VIP Photo and Handshakes with Social Time
$101-250 CIT Civic Mind-Starter TBA
$251-500 CIT Civic Mind-Shover TBA
$501-1000 CIT Faculty Contributor TBA
$1001-1500 CIT Celebrates it with you and an 8 tier cardboard cake
$1501-3000 CIT Faculty Cake + Shirts
$3001-5000 TBA
$5001-7000 TBA
$7001-10000 TBA

More to come

$20000 + donation will launch a new CIT event that you help launch!!!

Thank you