TRUDGE  June-Sept
San Francisco Arts Commission Window Gallery
In the shadows of city hall we created a walking Mastodon of sorts.
She walks endlessly into the glorious destructive oblivion of cardboard.
We hit on themes of an endless walk, time, humanity at a crossroads.
She walks, breaks, lives in our psyches soul spaces as we consider our plight.
One day we needed to work in shorty shorts due to this raw heat of art.


The Multiverse in S.P.A.C.E.
San Jose Childrens Discovery Museum - October
Cit Built a giant Microverse Space like Mobile for the Museums central hall.
An industrial mystical shape and planetoid world dangled above for 3 months.
Josh and Jesse gave an ART lecture.
Children felt some glory.

Cardburg 2012: The Super Track (of the Mind)

CIT transformed the Bedford Gallery into Cardburg 2012: The Super Track, a Velodrome speedway for racing high speed remote controlled art cars, as well as activating a low-powered interactive micro radio station. CIT  hosted an incredible opening event including live music, FM broadcasted soundscapes and live video feeds from in-car cameras. The CIT explored the mind of high-octane culture of speeding vehicles translated into cardboard. CIT explores more than just cardboard here. We are continuing to explore the minds of the Cardburgians. What is relevant post apocalypse and how do we collaborate and share the experience.


The newest chapter in the Cardburg saga transports us to the year 3000, where the Cardburgians exist in the inner most sanctum of Mount Killamancardboard !!! The odd C.H.U.D. like beings have become the prophets and storytellers of this underworld as they turn toward the ancient “video-texts” of the 20th century for their spiritual renewal. Cerberus the three headed dawg guards the burly gates to the age old Subterrain world. Here The Great Volcano of Rebirth gushes the discarded refuse of the surface peoples. How they live down here is one of our ongoing studies in the vast global C.I.T. labs.

Tunnel of Crud - glimpse into a CHUD World
When invited to the Maker Faire, we asked ourselves what we wanted to make; with the restraints of doing a live build with only 16 hours to do it!! We decided to expose lost shanti town portion of the underground CHUD-like universe that emerged in the Cardburg 500 Racing Apocalypse. Attendees of the Makers Faire watched patiently as the live build slowly emerged into an underworld lair they were allowed to add to and explore. All were stimulated to ask "why".... No answers were provided....its just cardboard.
Makers faire is a two-day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.

All Bottled Up at Million Fishes Gallery

Wondering how to resolve the unanswered questions that emerged from the Cadburg 500 and a global financial meltdown, the CIT formed "Renegade CIT", which allowed for more flexible aesthetic inquiry. Here the CIT created a mosoleum for guest artists to create their own creations that dealt with loss, dreams, and consciousness. A bottle breaker was created to encourage a cathartic release of bottled energy.
The Mergoat of the Seven Seas emerged from the Bottle of Catharsis... prayers were answered.
A C.I.T. resident DJ's, Doomraven, invited some darkness and Hot-Keyz brought some light.
Art was purged and bottles were returned to their source.

CardBurg 500

The fabled city of Cardburg rises from the ashes of Apocalypse with a new found focus of racing. From the trauma of complete and totally destruction of Cardburg, the citizens turn to racing as the spiritual and karmic law of “Cardburgian” life. Thundering buffalo speedway at the peak of Mount Killamancardboard became the stage for these death races. The audience was invited to compete in full throttle, nitro-burning racing action. A rivalry between the C.H.U.D. and various Cardburgian factions is beginning to emerge and upset the balance of this already unstable civilization. The future of Cardburg is uncertain, as the C.H.U.D. become a power player in the new era Cardburg.

“Welcome to Cardburg”

This project invited the audience to become citizens of “Cardburg”. The city was used as a giant stage to make the Feature film “Welcome to Cardburg”. Participants were asked to contribute to the lore of Cardburg by interacting with a Blue scene, telling the day-to-day stories of a “Cardburgian”. Ducksquatch, The Lord of Nature, Fought to the death with The Mayor to protect the natural lands. A musical ultro-battle ensued and it truly got ugly.
Over the coarse of three weeks, several performances and many hot glue burns, the city met its’ demise in a Godzilla-like audience participatory total destruction of the city.
There were puppet shows, a virgin sacrifice pajeant performance battle, bands, live news reports and a good deal of intoxicating mayhem.

Death cry of Recyclor

This project was the impetus of the CIT concept. Founders Josh Short and Scott Falkowski created this piece for a group show called “Beasties” at Cellspace Gallery.
A giant monster corpse bled tastfully into the gallery.

C.H.U.D. = Canniballistic Underground Humanoid Dwellers
a 1984 amazing cult film from New World Pictures