At its core, The Cardboard Institute of Technology is a collective of artists, technologists and handymen dedicated to the development, functionality and everyday practice of art...through cardboard and other means. The Institute is a multifaceted hub for Collective Art Practice, Educational Workshop Development and Instruction.
C.I.T. is an Epic Design and Fabrication and storytelling collective Studio.

The Cardboard Institute of Technology was formed in 2007 by Joshua Short and Scott Falkowski. In 2008 CIT created its first official show "Welcome to Cardburg" where Mike Murnane, Robin Frohardt and Caryl Kientz joined the group. With the 3rd official show, "The Cardburg 500", Joel Stockdill and Jesse "Roadkill" Wilson were added to the CIT roster.   Since its inception the group has grown into an art collective that reaches far and wide.

Collective Art Practice
CIT is a wildly unique art group that makes physically impressive socially engaging  artistically dynamic art pieces and installations in a wide variety of formats. We use many recycled and locally found materials to create unique works for an audience that hungers for something odd, modern, relevant, extra stimulating and possibly participatory.

Each CIT artist-invividual can be an autonomous piece of the whole in a transparent non-heirarchal jazz ensemble atmosphere that invites extreme creativity and sometimes outlandish storytelling.  Attempting to find a collective voice that thunders larger than the sum of its parts is a desire.  Art direction and design flow is open to all opinions for the thunder will rise to the top. Many ideas get their final look solely by the artists that makes it.
 Each project invites a new approach to the design problem for we enjoy art creation on the fly and storytelling specific to a projects changing needs. Honoring the changing needs and desires of the participating members allows for a morphing work structure that adjusts for the changing desires/skills of the artist, Allowing for the "in the moment" decisions and design discussion imbibes our work with a sense of immediate honesty.

High frequency vibrant, opinionated, dynamic communication is desired for the "thunder" of a piece to be achieved.  Personal stories and emotions heighten art.

We reuse or recycle local materials whenever we can.

Design and Fabrication Studio
In these shrinking economic times, we extend our collective hand to help your sculptural needs with very economical cardboard objects. A team of Cardboard Institute Technologists will assess your project and give you the fairest price on the market. Material cost is low, design and know-how are bar-none. Drop us an email today for an estimate. cit@joshuashort.com Refer to our Commissions page to learn more.

Educational Workshops / Development and Instruction
The Cardboard Institute of Technology offers hands-on workshops in cardboard sculpture making, contemporary art practice, and environmentally responsible art. Our multi-talented personnel has a wide range of skills and perspectives to share with students and fellow artists. We facilitate workshops for all ages and skill levels.

Past Workshops Clients
• The Exploratorium Art and Science of Human Perception Museum
• The Oxbow School
• Critter
*Bedford Gallery
• Headrush Collective
• Ross